Translating local needs into local databases

Connecting people to the local information they need.

Local needs require specific datasets that can be time consuming and difficult to find. Even determining all the types of things searchers need can be a challenge. nSphere translates local searches into the local datasets that give users all the local information they need.

Organizing databases to serve local needs.

Online publications, local businesses, city specific ordinances, events, and educational materials are just a few examples of the types of data that nSphere brings together. This combination of data creates the most relevant local results for our users.

The ultimate local resource.

nSphere's local results are fine–tuned to meet the specific needs of people looking for local information, which is why we get millions of unique users every month. We never buy traffic, we earn it with quality local content. Organizing the world's local information – that's what nSphere is about.