Local Exposure for High-Quality Results

Local searchers. Local needs.

Local searchers have specific needs: Who near them has what they want? What’s the address and phone number? Are there any local laws that they should be aware of? What else do they need to know? Some of this information is in your database, some of it is in others.

We bring databases together to best meet the needs of local users. 

nSphere organizes related data from thousands of separate databases to meet the needs of people searching by geographic location. It’s a unique approach to local search that has generated results for thousands of data partners.

Maximize the value of your data – for FREE!

We help a wide variety of organizations to accomplish their primary objectives on a local level. Business associations have put their members in front of new customers. Events have expanded their audience. Video content providers have connected with new viewers. Communities have made important information more readily available to their residents. What’s more, each listing is directly attributed to your organization. So when people find what they need, they find and are helped by you.